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January 2020


We do not talk about meditation very often, but it is mentioned frequently in the Bible. Have our lives become so busy that it is difficult to slow down and meditate on God, His works and His word?

Water Into Wine

The first miracle of Jesus recorded by John is not a life-changing healing or the feeding of a multitude. Jesus changes water into wine for a wedding that had run out. Even in this first sign we learn that Jesus always goes above and beyond what is expected.

Back to Basics

Why do we need disciplines? This week we begin a new series about Spiritual Disciplines. Our longing for God and desire to grow require the presence of disciplines in our lives.

Getting Started

In the second half of John 1, John the Baptist prepares the way for the beginning of the ministry of Jesus. As we begin 2020, we can learn a lot from John about how to start off the right way.

December 2019


The Feast of Purim is a Jewish holiday to remember how God delivered his people with the help of a young selfless woman named Esther. In this lesson we look at how she lived a selfless life and how we as Christians must follow her example.


The word “life” is used 134 times in the New Testament. Nearly half of those can be found in John’s writings. We talk about at what John says about life and what it means for our life with Christ.

Word Made Flesh

Jesus was there in the beginning, but what happens in John 1 is incredible. God became flesh. Jesus came to Earth to live among men and reveal more of God to them. And because He did, we can be with God.

Devoted to Good Works

Three times in the last chapter of Titus, Paul stresses the importance of good works. We do not do good works in an attempt to earn our salvation. We do good works to glorify the God who saves us by His power.


People can build us up or let us down. Sometimes the same people can do both. At the close of his second letter to Timothy, Paul tells Timothy some important things about people and some even more important things about God.

Happy Holydays

When we speak of “Holidays” at the root of that word is the idea that certain days are “HOLY.” In particular, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years are “holy” because of their association with God our creator and provider, and Jesus our savior. What is intriguing is that we too are made holy because of association with the Father and Son. Because of their work, we who are unclean and unholy are made pure and welcomed into fellowship with God.