November 2022


When we disagree, what is our first instinct? Do we want to be right? Do we want to win? Do we need to get our way? God calls us instead to be peacemakers.  


Self-control is both stopping ourselves from engaging in negative behaviors and being intentional about doing good. We look at one example from the life of Daniel and two from the life of Jesus to learn more about the importance of self-control.  


It can be a struggle to set aside our own wants or cultural expectations and consider others first. We see that kind of deference in the life of David in 2 Samuel 9 and in the life of Paul in Romans 14.  


God values honesty, and it is a trait that is clear in the life of Jesus. His followers should live honest lives. In Acts 5 and Luke 19, we see examples of dishonesty and honesty.  

October 2022


“And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” – Luke 2:52   Jesus is our example when it comes to growth. We should constantly be growing in our faith.


In our culture, gentleness is often equated with weakness. The gentleness God calls us to is not weakness at all. In the gospels, we read about many examples of the gentleness of Jesus. He is not weak in those instances where He treats people with gentleness.  


Empathy is a trait shown by God, lived by Jesus and expected of Christians. To have empathy, it is helpful to understand the experiences of others and to be honest with ourselves about our blind spots. Who do we assume to be the hero or the villain of the stories we hear?  

September 2022


We appreciate receiving mercy but are sometimes hesitant to give it. God is merciful. Jesus is an example of mercy in human form. We should follow His example to be merciful, because we have received mercy beyond anything we deserve.  


In scripture, we often learn about awareness using the word “watchfulness.” This week, we see the importance of being aware of ourselves in our life situations and the importance of being ready for Christ’s return.  


The Trinity is a community that cooperates in love. God designed us to work in cooperation with each other.  When Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem to lead the effort to rebuild the wall, we witness the obstacles to cooperation and what it looks like to overcome them.