June 2022


God, who is worthy of our respect, desires that we respect one another. People are worthy of respect, because they are made in His image.  


Persuasiveness can be used in good or bad ways. When we use it in the way God desires, it can help bring people to know Him.  

May 2022


Sharing Jesus with others requires us to be bold. That does not mean that we should be brash or rude. We follow the example of Jesus by overcoming fear to live lives that impact others for Him.  


When we think of commands in scripture, we might overlook hospitality. Although it begins as a command, God intends for it to become on of the most obvious things people see in His followers. Our hospitality flows out of His love for people.  


To completely love God and others, we have to lay down our own preferences. God calls us to be selfless, as Jesus taught in words and example.  

March 2022


In scripture we find examples of bad ambition and good ambition. Philippians 2 warns about selfish ambition. In the parables of the good Samaritan and the talents as well as in the story of Zacchaeus, we learn about the importance of good ambition (initiative).  


One of the problems for the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 is their pride. Jesus talks about the need for humility. Scripture even commands humility. There are many examples throughout the Bible of humble people of God. Our greatest example of humility is Jesus, and His humility is probably best explained in Philippians 2. […]

February 2022


If you follow Jesus, learning to forgive is not optional. It is required. We have to let go of grudges and forgive others in the same way we want God to forgive us.  


Paul brings up the character trait of sincerity several times in his writings. We can learn from him what sincerity looks like, and we can follow the example of sincerity in the life of Jesus.  


So many people we encounter change their behavior based on time, circumstances or who is around. God calls us to live consistent lives that will honor Him and care for others.