October 2021


The monthly Area Wide Teen Gathering is at Southwest this week. Their theme for the year is “Hindsight is 2020.” Our Youth Minister, Thorin Turner, shares the ups and downs of the life of Nebuchadnezzar from the book of Daniel.  

September 2021

Why Are We Here?

June 2021

Spreading Holiness

From Acts 5, the beginning of the spread of Christianity is immediately plagued by two who would rather outwardly appear as part of the one body but inwardly remain separate and selfish. In this strange story In the New Testament we see a God who is willing to do what is needed to keep Satan […]

Spreading Life

From 1 Kings 16, through Elijah’s journey to the widow of Zarephath we see a God who is willing and able to spread life even when spreading life seems so far from our circumstance. If this is who our God is, then what is stopping us from spreading that life today?  

May 2021

Under the Castor Plant

Our Youth Minister, Thorin Turner, shares the story of Jonah, a prophet who refuses to grow.  

December 2020

Who Is My Neighbor?

Our Youth & Family Minister, Thorin Turner, shares this lesson from Luke 10. We, like the lawyer, often wonder who our neighbor is that we are to love as ourselves. Jesus calls those who would follow him and seek eternal life to instead be a neighbor in all situations, loving the other with all that […]