October 2022

Glorious Heavenly Places

Jew, Gentile, slave, free, different political parties, etc. are all temporal, worldly differences. What matters is that we live in harmony as God’s temple people who have one foot already in Heaven even as we live in this world. And if Paul suffers for preaching that, or we suffer for living that, it’s all glory! […]

January 2022

The Road to Greatness

Moses shows us that the road to greatness begins by realizing we aren’t adequate in ourselves to achieve great things. But that doesn’t matter because God, the I AM, is more than able to do great things through us if we follow His lead.  

September 2021

Missions Report

Continuing our month focused on missions, David Dirrim brings a report on some of Southwest’s mission efforts around the world.  

July 2021

Good Grief

“Good Grief”  Is that possible? Can grief ever be good? Consider some good things that scripture tells us we can learn through the agony of grief: Refocusing our hope – Becoming a more useful person – Understanding the heart of God.  

November 2020

God Is Good

God IS good and therefore we can ultimately trust him. However, humanity has always faced the challenged of believing God’s way is the best and not trying to make life work on our terms. That is true in the story of Genesis and remains our challenge today.

September 2020

We Will. We Won’t. He does.

There is a pattern seen in the early days of Israel’s journey to the promised land that too often is ours as well. We say we will follow God but then we fail time and time again. More rules can’t fix it. Only the grace brought to us through Christ can give us hope.  

August 2020

Did They Ever Call Him Barney?

His real name was Joseph. They nicknamed him Barnabas, “Son of Encouragement.” He encouraged the poor, the powerful, the non-elite and those others gave up on. How could much could we change our slice of the world if we could be more like him?  

January 2020

Missions Report – Haiti

David Dirrim gives an update on our missions program with specific emphasis on the work with children and widows in Haiti.  

December 2019

Happy Holydays

When we speak of “Holidays” at the root of that word is the idea that certain days are “HOLY.” In particular, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years are “holy” because of their association with God our creator and provider, and Jesus our savior. What is intriguing is that we too are made holy because of […]

October 2019

But We See Jesus

We are constantly challenged to understand what is real and true. Scripture reminds us that, regardless of how things may appear on the surface, God and Jesus are always present and directing the affairs of all creation. That may not always appear to be the case, but it is the reality in which we can […]