September 2020

We Will. We Won’t. He does.

There is a pattern seen in the early days of Israel’s journey to the promised land that too often is ours as well. We say we will follow God but then we fail time and time again. More rules can’t fix it. Only the grace brought to us through Christ can give us hope.  

August 2020

Did They Ever Call Him Barney?

His real name was Joseph. They nicknamed him Barnabas, “Son of Encouragement.” He encouraged the poor, the powerful, the non-elite and those others gave up on. How could much could we change our slice of the world if we could be more like him?  

January 2020

Missions Report – Haiti

David Dirrim gives an update on our missions program with specific emphasis on the work with children and widows in Haiti.  

December 2019

Happy Holydays

When we speak of “Holidays” at the root of that word is the idea that certain days are “HOLY.” In particular, Thanksgiving, Christmas and even New Years are “holy” because of their association with God our creator and provider, and Jesus our savior. What is intriguing is that we too are made holy because of […]

October 2019

But We See Jesus

We are constantly challenged to understand what is real and true. Scripture reminds us that, regardless of how things may appear on the surface, God and Jesus are always present and directing the affairs of all creation. That may not always appear to be the case, but it is the reality in which we can […]

July 2019

Life or Death

From the beginning of time mankind has had the choice of living a full, rich life as it was intended to be, or choosing something far less that ultimately leads to death. We’re still faced with that choice today. Jesus says HE is life. Do we really believe that? Our choices will tell.  

June 2019

I Am Malchus

I am Malchus. You know me more commonly as the guy who got his ear cut off. Consider my story, where I came from and why my name was ever mentioned in the New Testament. Maybe I learned a lesson or two that can benefit all of us.  

April 2019

The God Who Forgives

We live in a world that seems to be increasingly divided and unwilling to forgive and work together for the good of all. However, that is not the God of mercy that we serve. Through the sacrifice of Christ God has wiped out the insurmountable debt we owed and given us renewed hope in Christ. […]

January 2019

Come Home

Life throws some difficult things at us sometimes, but even in the hardest moments there is something to be learned. Sometimes it is through the most challenging events that we come to understand just how much God loves us and all his creation, and that is a marvelous thing.   

November 2018

Haiti Missions Report

David Dirrim shares this report on the good work going on in Haiti and how some of the work is changing.