November 2022

Good Relationships

Paul explains how the call to walk in wisdom influences our closest relationships. In our families and workplaces, God wants us to have good relationships.  

Walking in Wisdom

The Christian who walks in wisdom does more than just choose wisdom over foolishness. That follower of Jesus is led by the Spirit toward positivity, thankfulness and humility.  

Imitators of God

As children of a good Father, we want to imitate Him in our lives. As we do, we will walk in love and in light.  


As Christians we leave the old selves behind and walk with purpose in our new lives. In the last half of Ephesians 4, Paul contrasts those two ways of living and how they affect all of us.  

October 2022

Unity in the Body

Our God has always existed in a unified community. He designed us to live in unity, too. Paul explains at the beginning of Ephesians 4 what it looks like to walk in unity.  

Rooted in Love

Because of their new identity in Christ, Paul continues his prayer for the church at Ephesus as he closes chapter 3. He wants God to give them strength and help them be rooted in love. As a result, they will be able know God better.  

Glorious Heavenly Places

Jew, Gentile, slave, free, different political parties, etc. are all temporal, worldly differences. What matters is that we live in harmony as God’s temple people who have one foot already in Heaven even as we live in this world. And if Paul suffers for preaching that, or we suffer for living that, it’s all glory! […]

Spiritual Citizenship

Paul begins Ephesians 2 by reminding the church they used to be dead in sin but now have life because of God’s rich mercy. In the second half of the chapter, he reminds them they used to be outsiders and are now part of the family of God. God’s love and mercy can give us […]

September 2022

Rich In Mercy

There is nothing we could do to earn the gift of salvation. God’s rich mercy provides it to us. That gift changes how we live.  

Clear Vision

After detailing the many blessings of being in Christ, Paul prays for the Ephesian church. He wants them to see more clearly what God is doing, so they can know more clearly who He is. They will not only know God, but they will also be known by Him.