You can stream or download audio from recent lessons below. We pray that you will be blessed as we look into God’s word and how we might apply it to our daily walk.


November 2020

I Have Prayed For You

It is so comforting when someone says, “I have prayed for you.” Jesus prays frequently in the New Testament, but He only says those words once. There are great things to learn from His prayer for Peter.

Trust in the Lord

This week we begin a short series on the prayers of Jesus. Prayer is a regular practice throughout His life. From the prayers of Jesus, we learn about what is important to Him, who God is and how we should pray.

Walk Through

At the close of any renovation project, it’s time for the final walk through. As Jesus ends the Sermon on the Mount, it’s just the beginning for His followers. They key to the sermon is putting His teachings into action in our lives.

October 2020

Planting Trees

Although Matthew 7 begins with a warning about judging, the chapter continues with Jesus teaching that people will know who we are by the fruit that we bear. As Marshall Keeble said, “We are not judges. We’re fruit inspectors.” What kind of tree will you be?

Model Home

There are two likely ways to make rules easier to follow: multiply or reduce. We can make more rules to cover every possiblity, or a few rules that cover basic principles. The people Jesus taught were used to many rules, but in Matthew 7:12 He reduces the list to one: the golden rule. It is the model for all the others.

Sermon – Open Door

Some of us struggle with prayer. We feel guilty that we don’t pray often enough. We struggle when the answers are not what we want. Jesus reminds us in Matthew 7 that God is a loving Father. As that Father He wants us to come to Him with our needs, and He provides in ways that a loving Father would.

Honest Reviews

“Judge not.” When Jesus says these words in Matthew 7, He is not doing away with right and wrong. He wants us to work on our own problems, to exercise mercy with others, and to help each other live more in line with Him.

September 2020

Home Warranty

Two of the prevalent scams of our current culture are emails offering money and phone calls about extended car warranties. These play on two of our greatest problems: greed and worry. Jesus addresses both of these in Matthew 6, where He teaches that only God can provide what His people need.

Home Security

In Oklahoma many of our houses have tornado shelters, so most of us have thought about what we would grab to take into the shelter if a storm is on the way. Whether they are things with monetary value, sentimental value or both; they are stil just things. In Matthew 6, Jesus teaches us to take our focus off material things that are temporary and put it on our God who is eternal.

Inside the Walls

One of the most frequent criticism of Christians by non-believers today is that we are hypocritical. Jesus addresses this in Matthew 6 as he challenges us not to make our practices into a production but to live authentic lives.