May 2022


The Bible details many feasts, days and rituals God asks His people to recognize. These remembrances are gifts from God to His people who easily forget what He has done. Remember our God and how He loves us.  

What Mothers Do

Several times in scripture, God is described using feminine terms. On this Mother’s Day, we look at some of the characteristics that women share with the God who created them.  

October 2021

Four Names of God

When Moses goes to Pharaoh to seek freedom for Israel, Pharaoh responds this way in Exodus 5:2: “Who is the Lord, that I should obey his voice and let Israel go?” Bob Turner from Sunset Academy of Leadership Training (SALT) is with us this week and shares how that question is best answered by four […]

August 2020

Growing Up

As our high school graduates prepare to begin a new phase of life, we look at stories of the childhood of Jesus in Luke 2. We can learn from the example of Joseph, Mary and Jesus how to grow in our relationships with God and others.  

July 2020

A Life of Freedom

As we celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we know as the founders said that our freedom comes from our Creator. As Christians, we know that He gives us freedom that goes far beyond our freedom as Americans. He frees us from sin and makes us heirs, so we can celebrate our dependence on Him.  

May 2020

I Will Never Forget to Remember

In our nation, this is Memorial Day weekend. It is a time set aside to remember those who gave their lives for the U.S. We need times like this, so people will not forget. God understands this about His people as well. We will look this week at the emphasis on remembering in scripture.  

October 2019

Is God Real?

Tonight one of our members, Alan Eck, tackles the common question, “Is God Real?”  

Choose to Be a Good Neighbor

This Sunday evening we host the Area Wide Teen Gathering. The AWTG theme for this year is “Choose the Right Road.” Jered Hyatt, Campus Minister at the Durant Church of Christ, joins us for this lesson about being a good neighbor.  

August 2019

Lessons From Preaching Camp

Several of our young men attended preaching camps this summer. This week they share their lessons with us.  

March 2019

Chosen to Serve

We take a break from our series on the Gospel of Luke this week to look at the early church in Acts 6. The church has grown to the point that important works are being overlooked. The apostles’ solution was that men from among that church should be appointed to take on those responsibilities. The […]