May 2020

I Will Never Forget to Remember

In our nation, this is Memorial Day weekend. It is a time set aside to remember those who gave their lives for the U.S. We need times like this, so people will not forget. God understands this about His people as well. We will look this week at the emphasis on remembering in scripture.  

October 2019

Is God Real?

Tonight one of our members, Alan Eck, tackles the common question, “Is God Real?”  

Choose to Be a Good Neighbor

This Sunday evening we host the Area Wide Teen Gathering. The AWTG theme for this year is “Choose the Right Road.” Jered Hyatt, Campus Minister at the Durant Church of Christ, joins us for this lesson about being a good neighbor.  

August 2019

Lessons From Preaching Camp

Several of our young men attended preaching camps this summer. This week they share their lessons with us.  

March 2019

Chosen to Serve

We take a break from our series on the Gospel of Luke this week to look at the early church in Acts 6. The church has grown to the point that important works are being overlooked. The apostles’ solution was that men from among that church should be appointed to take on those responsibilities. The […]

January 2019

One Thing I Know

The blind man in John 9 probably woke up that morning expecting just another day of begging by the road. Instead he soon learned what all followers of Jesus know. Encountering Jesus changes lives forever.  

What Do You Know?

The phrase “that you may know” occurs several times in scripture. This week we will look at several things that God wants us to know, and we will be reminded that knowing those things can help us to be more confident in our walk with Him.  

December 2018

Statements From the Cross

Kyle Wilson, our Campus Minister at ECU, brought a report on the Tigers for Christ Campus Ministry and this lesson about Jesus on the cross. There were seven statements Jesus made from the cross. Most of these were about taking care of others just as He had throughout his ministry on earth. However,  the one in […]

Who Is Jesus?

What would you expect a king to be like? From the time Israel first wanted a king, they had something in mind. God sees past those things to the heart. The king that God has in mind is only found in Jesus. He does not fit any mold man has created.  


Hope is so much more than wishing or waiting. True hope is found in Jesus.