July 2021

Good Grief

“Good Grief”  Is that possible? Can grief ever be good? Consider some good things that scripture tells us we can learn through the agony of grief: Refocusing our hope – Becoming a more useful person – Understanding the heart of God.  

June 2021


Many who are in the midst of grief are anxious to get to the anticipated destination: a return to normal. Sometimes we cannot get back to how things used to be. Instead, we learn to navigate the journey with a God who will never leave and people who want to walk alongside us.  

Cause and Effect

As we continue to learn to understand grief, we consider some causes of grief, effects of grief and how God responds to both.    


We’ve all heard there are two things you can’t avoid: death and taxes. This month on Sunday evenings we are talking about the emotion and process that might be attached to both of these and several other life events we have in common: grief. We all grieve. We all grieve differently. What does scripture say […]