Why Are We Here?

We can say many things about story of Jesus, but one thing is clear. Coming into contact with the gospel demands a reaction. It is not something that many can be neutral about. The people of Ephesus learn that through the uproar that happens in Acts 19.
There were some who were obstinate and refused to believe or change their ways. There were others whose lives were completely changed by the message. Some who had practiced sorcery destroyed their valuable scrolls, because they knew they would no longer need them. The people of the town gathered, and verse 32 describes the gathering this way: “The assembly was in confusion: Some were shouting one thing, some another. Most of the people did not even know why they were there.” When one of the Jews tried to explain what was going on, the people shouted in unison so he could not be heard.
It all happened nearly 2000 years ago, but it sounds a lot like the culture we live in. There is usually so much noise around us, it can be difficult to get the message through. Too often we find ourselves discouraged and silent as a result. At those times, we need to remember the sorcerers destroying their scrolls. Through the noise, discouragement and stubbornness, the gospel still reaches the hearts of people who might not even realize why they are here.
Throughout scripture, God brings order out of chaos. He does it during creation and keeps doing it to help His people. Currently in our world the upending of schedules and habits due to COVID-19 has brought chaos again. It is another time where God provides the answers that people are searching for. His church can help others come to know Him. Through Jesus they can have the life He intended. Sharing that good news with them is the reason we are here.

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