Thankful for Jesus

Mark 14 begins with an extravagant expression of love toward Jesus and ends with one of His closest friends denying Him. It mirrors His week in Jerusalem which begins with shouts of hosanna and ends in the tomb. Each time I read Mark 14, a different part of it stands out in my mind. There are many things we could see as the focus, but I just find myself being thankful for Jesus and what each part of the chapter tells me about Him.
I’m thankful that He is anointed and shown honor as the chapter opens and that even knowing what Judas will soon do, He deals with the objections of Judas patiently. I’m thankful that He gives us a way to remember His sacrifice that we still take part in each Sunday. The symbolism of the bread and juice each week help us to remember in a way that goes beyond words. I’m thankful that he is direct with Peter about the denial to come, but I’m more thankful to know that Peter’s story does not end there. I’m thankful He takes time out to pray in the midst of an incredibly difficult time. Even in His struggle, He provides an example for how we should handle struggles. I’m thankful that we get to see that He understands the difficulty of what is about to happen, but He puts the Father’s will above His own. Our priority should also be to follow the Father’s will. I’m thankful that in the midst of an unjust arrest, He shows compassion to heal the servant of the high priest. I’m thankful that He boldly said that He is the Messiah and that because that is true, we can be with Him forever.
There is so much to be thankful for in the life of Jesus. Be thankful this week. Whatever challenges we are dealing with are temporary. We serve an eternal God!

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