October 2019

Let It Go

In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul addresses what to do when two groups with different opinions both believe they are right. Although knowledge is important, all things should be done in love.  

The Good Fight

Paul closes his first letter to Timothy with a charge to fight the good fight. To do that, it is necessary to flee the sin that holds us back and pursue the good that God intends for us.  


It seems like we are always wanting more. Society tries to convince us that there is just one more thing to buy to bring happiness. True contentment is only found in God and His promises.  


There are so many things in life that we wonder about. Sometimes our doubts can stop us in our tracks. God wants us to have peace and confidence, and He shows us the way to find them.  

Beneath the Surface

Both sin and good works may stay secret for a time, but eventually what is beneath the surface will come to light.   

September 2019

Young and Old

In the church people of different generations work together as family. Paul’s instructions to Timothy emphasize the need for young and old to respect and care for each other and our responsibility as family.  

Listen to Him

As we near the end of our “When God Speaks” series, we look at two events in the life of Jesus when God speaks the same message to those present. At the transfiguration, He adds one phrase that is just as important today as it was then: listen to Him.    


The life of a Christian parallels the life of an athlete in many ways. The second half of 1 Timothy 4 shows us that daily life is just as important as the big moments. This week we’re talking about practice.  


After so much suffering, God responds to Job with series of questions that remind Job and us who God is and how far His understanding goes beyond our own.  

First Things First

People will walk away from faith for a number of reasons. In 1 Timothy 4, Paul warns Timothy about some of those reasons and how continuing to grow in faith can help guard against them.