March 2020


God does not just call us to serve. He calls us to become servants. Seeking to be servants instead of being greatest is another way the disciplines transform us into who God designed us to be.  


In a world where are inundated with voices, information and entertainment; it may seem nearly impossible to truly find solitude. In the life of Jesus, the example that it is needed is very clear. How can we find quiet within the noise?  

February 2020


Jesus speaks frequently about money and how we should handle it. In a culture that tries to convince us that material things bring happiness and status, the discipline of simplicity is challenging but necessary.  


We do not often talk about fasting. At its core, fasting is an opportunity to bring balance to our lives and declare that we are sustained by God. What do we need to go without to focus on Him?  


As we continue looking at how spiritual disciplines can help transform our lives, we talk about one of the most transformative disciplines: prayer. Scripture teaches us that prayer is powerful, because it better connects us with our powerful God. We can all learn how and why to pray.  

January 2020

Bible Study

To understand God and how we should live for Him, Christians have to spend time studying His word. How we go about that study will have a great impact on the outcome. Our goal is not just to gather more information. Our goal is transformation.  


We do not talk about meditation very often, but it is mentioned frequently in the Bible. Have our lives become so busy that it is difficult to slow down and meditate on God, His works and His word?  

Back to Basics

Why do we need disciplines? This week we begin a new series about Spiritual Disciplines. Our longing for God and desire to grow require the presence of disciplines in our lives.