November 2019

Forgiven Forever

How can I know I’m really forgiven? Tonight we look at nine assurances God gives us in scripture, so we can have confidence in His forgiveness.  

The Freedom of Forgiveness

As Christians we know that we need to forgive, but sometimes it’s so difficult. Is it really possible, and if so how do we do it? We learn through the teaching and example of Jesus.    

October 2019

Let It Go

In 1 Corinthians 8, Paul addresses what to do when two groups with different opinions both believe they are right. Although knowledge is important, all things should be done in love.  


There are so many things in life that we wonder about. Sometimes our doubts can stop us in our tracks. God wants us to have peace and confidence, and He shows us the way to find them.  

March 2019

The Will of God

Each month in 2019, we will spend one Sunday evening addressing a question submitted by one of our church members. This week we discuss this question, “Do we use the phrase ‘It was God’s plan’ to much?” We will look at the difference between God’s wish, God’s will and God’s plan, and how these things […]