November 2018


Our Fruit of the Spirit series concludes this week with one that many of us struggle with from time to time: self-control. This list in Galatians 5:22-23 begins with a foundation of love and ends with self-control. It seems that both of these flow throughout all the work of the Spirit in the life of […]


In our culture gentleness is usually equated with weakness. In scripture we see it mentioned often in the context of strength. Jesus is our example of gentleness and strength. Can we be gentle like Him?  

October 2018


Faithfulness is a major theme throughout the Bible. We see example after example of God’s faithfulness and the importance of our own. Walking by faith will carry us through difficult times as God remains faithful to us.  

Kindness and Goodness

Who is the kindest person you know? Someone probably comes to mind for each of us, but what is it that makes that person stand out? All of us who follow Jesus should be kind, because of His example of kindness and the kindness God shows to us.  


Our Fruit of the Spirit resumes this week with a study of patience. When are we impatient, and what does God’s power allow us to do about it?  

September 2018


In a world full of people who want to escalate every conflict, Jesus calls on us to be peacemakers. This week we learn where that process begins and that seeking peace is possible because of the power of the Spirit.  


It’s easy to be joyful when things are going well, but how can we find joy in hard times? This fruit of the Spirit is within our grasp, and God shows us the path to find it.  


This week we begin a new series about the fruit of the Spirit. The first fruit named in the list in Galatians 5 is the fruit by which we should be known–love.