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July 2021

Rare Wisdom

In the second half of chapter 3, James talks about two kinds of wisdom. One is from God. One is not. Either will both shown in the actions of people. True wisdom looks quite a bit like love.

Dangers and Blessings

Jesus talks more about money than He does about heaven or hell. Scripture teaches about the dangers than come with wealth but also about the blessings that it can provide. Followers of Jesus must handle money in a way that honors God and shows His love to others.

Sticks and Stones

Contrary to what many of us heard when we were kids, words do have the potential to hurt. If we use them in a loving way, they also have the potential to encourage. As Christians we must be intentional about when and how we choose to speak.

A Root

Money is not inherently good or bad. It has the potential for both. The real issue is our attitudes about money or the lack of it.

Working Faith

If we are people who truly believe, then our belief should lead to action. “We are not saved by faith PLUS works. We are saved by faith WHICH works.” – Jimmy Allen

Good Grief

“Good Grief”  Is that possible? Can grief ever be good? Consider some good things that scripture tells us we can learn through the agony of grief: Refocusing our hope – Becoming a more useful person – Understanding the heart of God.

Playing Favorites

The Christians that James wrote too had a similar problem that people have today: treating people differently based on the category they fall into. In this case, it was rich and poor. God desires that we treat every person we encounter with the love that He has for them.

June 2021


Many who are in the midst of grief are anxious to get to the anticipated destination: a return to normal. Sometimes we cannot get back to how things used to be. Instead, we learn to navigate the journey with a God who will never leave and people who want to walk alongside us.

Practice What You Preach

One of the greatest challenges in the Christian life is the gap between knowing and doing. As we strive to bridge that gap, we do not just want to do the right thing. We want doing the right thing to become second nature for us and for others to see Jesus because of that. 

Cause and Effect

As we continue to learn to understand grief, we consider some causes of grief, effects of grief and how God responds to both.