You can stream or download audio from recent lessons below. We pray that you will be blessed as we look into God’s word and how we might apply it to our daily walk.


June 2021


We’ve all heard there are two things you can’t avoid: death and taxes. This month on Sunday evenings we are talking about the emotion and process that might be attached to both of these and several other life events we have in common: grief. We all grieve. We all grieve differently. What does scripture say about grief?

Have Faith

This week we begin a new series on the book of James. Many are drawn to James because of its practical nature. The brother of Jesus calls on Christians to have a faith that works actively in good times and during struggles.

Spreading Holiness

From Acts 5, the beginning of the spread of Christianity is immediately plagued by two who would rather outwardly appear as part of the one body but inwardly remain separate and selfish. In this strange story In the New Testament we see a God who is willing to do what is needed to keep Satan and his influence and motivation away from the kingdom he came and died to establish.

Spreading Life

From 1 Kings 16, through Elijah’s journey to the widow of Zarephath we see a God who is willing and able to spread life even when spreading life seems so far from our circumstance. If this is who our God is, then what is stopping us from spreading that life today?

May 2021


We conclude our series about the church this week. We have asked this question during each lesson: “What does a church member do?” This week we talk about how a church member must grow.

How We Grow

In the first lesson in this series, we learned that God expects us to grow. This week, we talk about the ways that we can grow.


Most people want a place to belong. Those who follow Jesus find that and much more. In Luke 9, we look at several things that come as a result of following Jesus and what that means for us as church members.


We have always understood that prayer is a way that we connect with God, but as church members our prayers are another way we can connect with one another.

Solid Food

In our relationship with God, we are constantly growing and maturing. Jesus grew, and that is another way we want to be like Him.

Church and Family

In our new series about the church, we will ask this question during each lesson: “What does a church member do?” This week we talk about how a church member teaches children to be like Jesus.