As we remembered September 11 last week, you may not be aware that September 12 is also a significant day: the National Day of Encouragement. We often underestimated the impact that we can have by being encouragers. This article from Scott Franks, Preaching Minister at the Burnt Hickory Church of Christ is an excellent example of what encouragement can do. – Brian
For 35 years, Floyd Martin was the mailman for the same neighborhoods in Marietta, Georgia. Over that time, he became a daily fixture in the lives of hundreds of people. He always made time to talk and check on elderly customers on his route. He carried along milk bones to give the dogs and lollipops for the children. He’d put $20 in the mailbox for kids who were graduating from high school. Little Mae Bullington loved her mailman so much, she dressed up like for career day at school. (Click here to continue reading at 728b on Facebook.)

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