Don’t Tell Anyone

Can you keep a secret? It is difficult sometimes, isn’t it? There is something exciting about knowing some piece of information that others do not know and being the one who shares that information. You get to see the their look of surprise. You are the one who knows. There are people who absolutely love moments like that. Usually they are the last people you want to confide in when you have a secret of your own.
What about when it is your experience that you want to share? When is the last time you could not wait to tell someone about the exciting thing that happened to you? You had a great first date. You received or gave an amazing gift. You found a great sale somewhere. You just returned from one of the best vacations ever. We love to share those experiences with others.
In Mark 7, Jesus encounters a man who is deaf and can barely talk. The man’s friends bring him to Jesus to be healed, and Jesus does not disappoint. When Jesus heals him, he is immediately able to hear and speak plainly. As the man and his friends left, Jesus made only one request of them: don’t tell anyone. But the text tells us, “The more he did so, the more they kept talking about it.” (Mark 7:36 NIV) They could not help themselves. It was the most incredible thing they had ever experienced. They had to tell others about it.
God loves us enough that He sent His Son here to the world to live a difficult life and die on our behalf, so that we could live with Him eternally. Don’t tell anyone? We cannot help ourselves. It’s the most incredible thing we have ever experienced. We have to tell others about it.

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