A Short Time

In Acts 26, Paul continues the same pattern that he has throughout his trials. He tells the story. This time with King Agrippa, he tells the story of Jesus and how coming to know him has changed Paul’s life. Although Festus thinks it all sounds crazy, Agrippa seems to be intrigued by the story. He responds in verse 28, “Do you think that in such a short time you can persuade me to be a Christian?”
Paul knows that the amount of time it takes for someone to believe is not really an issue unless time runs out. Whether it is a quick process or one that takes a lifetime, the important thing is that a person comes to know the story of Jesus and be changed by it. No one knows that better than Paul. After living a life committed to putting an end to Christianity, he was completely changed by an encounter with Jesus. He knew that his most important task was to offer that same chance to as many people as he could. That boldness and his faith in the resurrection is what landed him in prison in the first place. But even with a lack of freedom, he saw the opportunity to keep telling the story.
Paul understands what we all should. Encountering Jesus changes people. Like Paul, we should all pray that people come to know Christ. Like Paul, we must continue telling the story as many times as we can. Like Paul, we need to understand that each person we meet is a person who needs to know the story. Paul sees that need in Jews, in Gentiles and even in the Roman officials and kings that he is called to testify before. Each of them is a soul who is valued by their Creator.
What about us? How do we see the people we encounter every day? We meet people that society says are at a higher or lower level than us. How can we relay the story of God to them? Earlier in Acts, Paul’s example is clear to prisoners and a jailer. Here it even causes a king to think about his words. A life lived for Christ does that.
Let’s look for those open doors to tell the story this week. Let’s remember those open doors are often in unexpected places.
All people need to hear the story.

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