The Shipwreck

Our Wednesday evening auditorium class is nearing the end of the book of Acts. Paul travels all over his part of the world throughout the second half of the book. If you have traveled very often, you know it is only a matter of time before at least one trip does not go according to plan. In Acts 27, Paul is on a ship with 275 other people when that happens. It is not the Caribbean or Alaskan cruise that a lot of people dream. It is just the quickest, most direct method of transportation to get Paul from one place of imprisonment and sham trials to the next place of imprisonment and sham trials. That is what everyone probably all they thought it would be as they set out from Caesarea. In reality, it was a journey none of them would ever forget. Everyone aboard knew that sailing at that time of year was dangerous, but they were likely still hopeful for an uneventful journey. Instead they experienced day after day of storms. They tried to hold the ship together with ropes. They threw things overboard to lighten the load. They worked so hard and worried so much, that they did not even take the time to eat through two solid weeks of stormy winds and waves. Eventually they were relieved to find themselves run aground.
Some days we might feel like Paul. It seems like everything is not going our way, and then things only get worse. How do we react to those situations? If Paul had to be imprisoned, it would seem reasonable that he could at least have a safe journey to get from one prison to another. Some of us already discouraged by imprisonment would be even more discouraged by the difficult journey. Instead Paul does everything he can to reassure those on the ship. He warns them of danger and encourages them with the message that God has guaranteed their safety. He even gives thanks to God in front of them. He not only trusts in what God is doing, but he takes the opportunity to live that example out to the others on the ship. I want to be more like Paul at times like that. I want to have the confidence that Paul has that God will do what He promises.
When the winds and waves in our lives try to overtake us, let’s recognize that as a chance to show our trust in God. Let’s be an example to others how God can still work through the storms. Let’s remember that He still does exactly what He says.
– Brian
“So take heart, men, for I have faith in God that it will be exactly as I have been told.” Acts 27:25

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