The Mission Before Us

During Leon’s Wednesday night class (which you’re missing out on if you haven’t been here), I was struck by the change in the word used to describe the growth of the church from “added” in Acts 2 to “multiplied” in Acts 6. I believe the difference is who is telling the story. In Acts 2, people respond to Peter’s sermon. By Acts 6, the apostles share the message with others who continue sharing the message. Multiplication. This article from Keith Harris, Preaching Minister at the WindSong Church of Christ in Little Rock, reminds us of our role in that mission.
There are some statements that seem to come to mind in certain situations; phrases that were fueled by extraordinary moments. I think of the words of Neil Armstrong as he floated gracefully to the surface of the moon from the ladder of the lunar module, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Or Richard Nixon’s, “I’m not a criminal!” Or what about those great moments in sports? There’s the famous Verne Lundquist commentary as Jack Nicklaus holed putt after putt in the 1986 Masters at Augusta, “Yes sir!” Or Verne’s dramatic commentary as Tiger holed a chip shot on the 16th at Augusta National, “Oh wow! In your life have seen anything like that?!” And there’s always Mohammad Ali, “I’m the greatest!” Or, “I’m pretty! I’m a bad man!” Without a doubt, statements that are made can become household phrases…depending on the peculiarity of the situation.
Jesus offered many words that would challenge those who heard them. We know this full well. They challenge us today.

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