August 2019

Love and Law

This week we begin a new series about the pastoral epistles. The old law served a purpose for the people of God, but what does it mean for followers of Christ who have been freed from sin?  

Calling Out

After finding himself in the belly of a great fish, Jonah turns to prayer. The one who ran from God is forced to remember that God is still in control.

Devoted to Prayer

However life is going for the church in the first 12 chapters of Acts, there is one constant: prayer. The 1st century church prayed consistently, and they saw those prayers answered. We need to follow that example and know that God hears us too.

July 2019

Running Away

In the Bible when God gives instructions to go, often the next verse will begin, “And ________ went.” That was not the case with Jonah. He took a ship headed far away. Everyone on that ship learns that God is still there.   

Negative to Positive

It is in God’s nature to turn negatives into positives. In Acts 11, the scattering of people that resulted from the persecution of the church was used by God to help the church grow. And a trip by Barnabas to check on the church in Antioch encouraged them to grow in their new faith.  

The Gospel Is for All

In Acts 10 everything will change for the church. To this point, the good news of Jesus has been taught to the Jewish people. When Peter and Cornelius meet, the door is opened to the Gentiles. God wants all people to come to know Him.

I Saw the Light

To a member of the church in the first century, there would be no more unlikely person to become a brother in Christ than Saul. Saul believed his purpose in life was to rid the world of Christianity. When he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, all that changed. God truly can use anyone. […]

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

In our world today, people look many places for meaning and many people to follow. As Christians we should always look to Jesus to see who God wants us to be.  

Do You Understand?

In Acts 8, Philip teaches the Ethiopian about Jesus, and it leads to his baptism. This story emphasizes the importance of sharing the story of Jesus and how the response of followers throughout the book of Acts includes baptism.  

June 2019

When God Speaks

God communicates with people many times in scripture through different methods. Each time He speaks, we can learn something about who He is and who He calls us to be.