February 2018

The Covenant

God’s covenant with Abraham contains promises of assurance, protection and reward. Like us Abraham believes but struggles with letting go of control to trust in God’s ways and timing. God loves to do the impossible and work His plan in ways we can’t even imagine.  


Are you weary? Do you have burdens? Jesus calls you to Him in Matthew 11. God designed us to be people who need to work but also should take time for rest.  


In Matthew 10 we are introduced to the 12 disciples (apostles) of Jesus. Jesus gives them instructions about how to go spread the good news and what kind of results they might find. We can have similar experiences today. Whether accepted or rejected, we should continue to share about Him. It’s an essential part of […]


As Abram is called to go to a place he does not know to live among strangers, God blesses him and tells him in turn to be a blessing. Regardless of our circumstances, location or how our culture changes, God expects us to be a blessing to the people around us.  

Confusion and Clarity

In Genesis 11 people continue to advance in numbers, knowledge and abilities. When they decide to builder a tower to the sky for all the wrong reasons, God affects their ability to communicate. In His time that communication returns for the best reason.  

Have Faith

As Jesus performs three miracles in Matthew 8, we can obviously see His amazing power at work. In the things we see Him do in these stories, we also learn about who Jesus is.  

January 2018

It’s Gonna Rain

The story of Noah and the Ark is neither just a children’s story nor just a story of destruction. At its core it is a reminder of the faithfulness of God and how we can rely on His promises.  

Passing the Test

In Matthew 4 Jesus is tested and that testing reveals how we should handle being tested. At each challenge Jesus not only answers with scripture, but He has the understanding of how those scriptures should be applied. God’s word can help us pass the tests of life.  

In His Steps

As people begin to start over outside the Garden of Eden, they are faced with more options. In Genesis 4 and 5 we see the consequences of bad choices, and we are reminded of the importance of walking with God.  

There Is Water in the Plan

Jesus is baptized in Matthew 4 to “fulfill all righteousness” and to be an example for us. There’s nothing magical about the water, but is part of the process that brings us into a relationship with God. This week we will discuss the importance of baptism.