September 2019

Listen to Him

As we near the end of our “When God Speaks” series, we look at two events in the life of Jesus when God speaks the same message to those present. At the transfiguration, He adds one phrase that is just as important today as it was then: listen to Him.    


The life of a Christian parallels the life of an athlete in many ways. The second half of 1 Timothy 4 shows us that daily life is just as important as the big moments. This week we’re talking about practice.  


After so much suffering, God responds to Job with series of questions that remind Job and us who God is and how far His understanding goes beyond our own.  

First Things First

People will walk away from faith for a number of reasons. In 1 Timothy 4, Paul warns Timothy about some of those reasons and how continuing to grow in faith can help guard against them.  

Anything You Want

If God offered you anything you want, what would you ask for? Health? Money? Fame? Solomon could have asked God for any of those, but he did not. God was pleased with a response that might surprise you.  

A Noble Task

In the midst of Paul’s instructions about how we should interact within the church, he gives the description of what elders should be. It comes as no surprise that shepherds should model themselves after the Good Shepherd.  

August 2019

The Agony of Victory

After preaching to the people of Nineveh, Jonah gets the response any preacher would want: the people acknowledge their sin and repent. Jonah is not happy about their change or God’s mercy. While Jonah shows anger, God shows compassion.  

Prayer and Peace

Throughout scripture God brings order out of chaos. In 1 Timothy 2, Paul writes to Timothy about order in the church, the prayer that should surround it and the peace that can come as a result.  

Back to Work

Jonah finds himself back on dry land as chapter 3 begins, and God presents him with a familiar task: go to Nineveh. Once again, those who do not follow God respond to His power and message. God desires that people be saved.  


From the time we are children, one of the questions we ask most frequently is, “Why?” In the second half of 1 Timothy 1, Paul explains the answer to that question for himself, Timothy and Jesus. What is your why?