September 2022


Endurance is a common characteristic of the heroes of faith in scripture. They knew that with God, they could stand firm in any test. Paul is a great example of endurance, and he writes about it in almost all of his New Testament letters.  

Anywhere With Jesus

This week we will preview our series on Ephesians by looking at Paul’s time in Ephesus in the book of Acts and his later visit with the Ephesian elders. He wanted them to know what he knew. The message is still for us today. Anywhere we go, Jesus will be there with us.  

August 2022

Sermon – Contentment

After a month off, we jump back into our Sunday evening series on character. People think there are things they can attain that will make them content, but true contentment is only found in God.  

In Step with the Spirit

God has always wanted to walk with people. In scripture He is always pleased when His people walking with Him. Keeping in step with the Holy Spirit allows us to walk with God and be directed by Him.  

The Spirit of Blessing

One of the greatest blessings of the Spirit is the joy that He brings.  

The Spirit of Truth

Jesus told His apostles it would be to their advantage to have the Spirit in them instead of Him among them in the flesh. They probably could not imagine how that would be possible, but the change in their lives in the book of Acts proved Him right. The Spirit guides them and us deeper […]

The Spirit of Love

The greatest commands are to love God and love others. The Holy Spirit enables us to love more fully and selflessly than could be explained in human terms.  

July 2022

The Gifts of the Spirit

When we see the miraculous works of God in scripture, they often accompany something new in the story and are for the common good. In 1 Corinthians 12, Paul talks about several gifts of the Spirit. Although we tend to focus on miraculous things like healing or tongues, Paul uses the discussion to lead to […]

Was Blind But Now I See

When the blind man in John 9 first heard the voices discussing him, he only thought of Jesus as another man talking about him. Soon after hearing that voice, he was given his sight. By the end of the chapter, Jesus was his Lord.  

Looking for the Spirit

Many of us can see the presence of the Spirit in events from our past. How can we be more aware of His presence now or where He might be leading us? We might begin with being more aware of His presence in today’s events.