November 2021

Know Jesus

Identity is a popular topic in today’s culture. Who we are and who we know have a lot to do with how people interact with us. In Philippians 3, Paul emphasizes that the most important thing about us is our relationship with Jesus.  

October 2021

Worthy of Honor

In Philippians 1:27, Paul encourages Christians to live “lives worthy of the gospel.” In chapter 2 he says that begins by changing our mindset to think like Jesus, the he closes the chapter by giving examples of two people who are living that life. How are we living?  

Trust Me

When doubts spreads too far, it begins to erode our trust in God. Throughout scripture God’s people struggled with this problem. When we turn to scripture, we can find constant reminders of why God has earned their trust and ours.  

Shine Like Lights

After explaining how Jesus considered His life on earth, Paul explains how we can be more like Him. When we follow the example of Jesus, our lights can shine to point others to Him.  

I Doubt It

Having doubts that affect our faith often makes us feel guilty, although most Christians will have doubts at some point. What’s important is whether we remain in doubt or get up and move back toward faith. Don’t let your doubt define you.  

Think Like Jesus

In Philippians 2, Paul tells Christians that we should think differently. Scientists call it neuroplasticity. Paul calls it having the same mind as Jesus. It begins with thinking of others and leads to God being glorified.   

A Little Faith

Four times in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus challenges his followers because of their little faith. Sometimes our faith is too small. What causes our faith to shrink, and what can we do to help it grow?  

Live For Jesus

Philippians 1:21 might be one of the most quoted verses in the entire book. “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Paul can make that statements because of what he knows about his Lord. In the second half of chapter 1, he explains what he knows.  

September 2021

The Gospel Is For All

Jesus said that He came for the lost sheep of Israel, but He had several encounters with Gentiles. His interactions with them help illustrate how our obstacles can be overcome by the mission of God.  

Good News or Bad News

Several years ago, Ford had the slogan, “Quality is job 1.” For Christians, the gospel is our priority. It comes above other allegiances, interests and activities. The message and its impact are too important to let other things distract from it.