February 2022


So many people we encounter change their behavior based on time, circumstances or who is around. God calls us to live consistent lives that will honor Him and care for others.  


In Matthew 12, the way the Pharisees focus on the letter of the law causes them to miss the purpose behind it. God wants them and us to move past following rules to changing our hearts.  

Go Tell John

While in prison, John begins to question what he knows about Jesus. When our circumstance do not go the way we plan, we often do the same thing. Jesus responds by remind John that God is in control, and His plan is still intact. The same things are true for us today.  


God wants us to be committed to Him and each other. Tonight we spend our time mostly in Psalm 37 considering what that commitment looks like and what God does in response.  

January 2022


Loving God includes keeping His commandments. There are numerous examples in scripture of where obedience and disobedience lead people of God. In 2 Kings 5, Naaman is given simple instructions by Elisha, but hesitates to follow them. Eventually through the power of God, his obedience brings the result Naaman hoped for.  

Hear and Do

Jesus teaches in the Sermon on the Mount that living for God is about more than the rules. The rules they knew so well had purposes behind them. Understanding those purposes better helps us understand Him better. Living those purposes out helps us to be more of who He created us to be.  


On Sunday evenings in 2022, we will be looking at character traits mentioned in scripture. We begin this week by discussing the importance of character and examples of good and bad character from the Bible.  


Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount by describing people who are blessed in various ways. Being blessed is not about how well life’s circumstances are going. It is a result of God being sovereign in your life.  


As we begin a new year, we take a look at how Jesus started His ministry. Following His example will help us begin well.  

December 2021

God With Us

Matthew begins his gospel with the genealogy of Jesus to tell the human side of His birth story. He then moves to the fulfillment of prophecy to emphasize the divine part of the story. Jesus comes to earth to be God with us.