September 2019

Listen to Him

As we near the end of our “When God Speaks” series, we look at two events in the life of Jesus when God speaks the same message to those present. At the transfiguration, He adds one phrase that is just as important today as it was then: listen to Him.    


After so much suffering, God responds to Job with series of questions that remind Job and us who God is and how far His understanding goes beyond our own.  

Anything You Want

If God offered you anything you want, what would you ask for? Health? Money? Fame? Solomon could have asked God for any of those, but he did not. God was pleased with a response that might surprise you.  

August 2019

The Agony of Victory

After preaching to the people of Nineveh, Jonah gets the response any preacher would want: the people acknowledge their sin and repent. Jonah is not happy about their change or God’s mercy. While Jonah shows anger, God shows compassion.  

Back to Work

Jonah finds himself back on dry land as chapter 3 begins, and God presents him with a familiar task: go to Nineveh. Once again, those who do not follow God respond to His power and message. God desires that people be saved.  

Calling Out

After finding himself in the belly of a great fish, Jonah turns to prayer. The one who ran from God is forced to remember that God is still in control.

July 2019

Running Away

In the Bible when God gives instructions to go, often the next verse will begin, “And ________ went.” That was not the case with Jonah. He took a ship headed far away. Everyone on that ship learns that God is still there.   

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus

In our world today, people look many places for meaning and many people to follow. As Christians we should always look to Jesus to see who God wants us to be.  

June 2019

When God Speaks

God communicates with people many times in scripture through different methods. Each time He speaks, we can learn something about who He is and who He calls us to be.  

Following Directions

God has directions for Balaam, and it seems that his intention is to ignore those directions. It takes an argument with his donkey to help Balaam see the power of God clearly. If God can use that donkey, how can He use us?