December 2019


The Feast of Purim is a Jewish holiday to remember how God delivered his people with the help of a young selfless woman named Esther. In this lesson we look at how she lived a selfless life and how we as Christians must follow her example.  

November 2019

Jesus Conquered Death

Our youth minister, John Marble, talks about how Jesus raised Lazarus in John 11 and what that means for our hope of eternal life.  

May 2019

New Beginnings

On a night set aside to celebrate our High School seniors, John Marble encourages us to think of graduation and the day we are baptized as a new beginning. Both milestones are a time for us to begin building upon the foundations that have been laid for us.  

March 2019

Choosing Life

Our Youth Minister, John Marble, shares this lesson from the Exodus. The bravery of women like midwives, a mother and a sister saved the life of the one who would lead the people of Israel out of slavery. Life is a gift from God that His people must value.  

October 2018

Overcoming Grief

Southwest hosts the Area Wide Teen Gathering this week. The theme for the year is Overcome. Tonight John Marble shares this lesson about overcoming grief and reminds us that being present is often more meaningful than the words we say.  

August 2018

Epaphroditus – An Unstoppable Partner

As we prepare to begin a new school year, our youth minister, John Marble, shares this lesson about a character in scripture that may not be familiar to some. This story is a great example of how God can use average people to make an impact.   

March 2018

Be Not Ashamed

Most of us have done something we’re ashamed of. Our Youth Minister, John Marble, brings this lesson about one important thing we should not be ashamed of.