September 2018

By Faith

Our “Heroes of Faith” series concludes this week with a survey of Hebrews 11. Each of these significant characters of the Bible is a person just like us, and their faith allows God to work through them in amazing ways. What can God do with your faith?  

August 2018


Onesimus is an unlikely hero, especially since it seems like everyone around him has the power to change his life. He is caught in the middle between Paul who values him as a brother and Philemon who is likely upset with his runaway slave. In his story we see the conflict between cultural norms and […]

The Return From Exile (Zerubbabel, Nehemiah & Ezra)

This week we have a 3-for-1 in our Heroes of Faith series. As the Israelites return from exile, they are led by Zerubbabel, Nehemiah and Ezra to rebuild the temple and wall and renew their covenant with God and His law.  

July 2018


When we think of Daniel, we often think of boldness, courage and deliverance. Daniel’s character that is shown in Babylon is a good example for Christians today as we learn how to live in exile. “This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: “Build houses and […]


Esther finds herself in the right place at the right time to save her people, but she knows that speaking up could bring her a lot of trouble. This week we will see how she chooses courage over fear, how her adversary chooses pride and anger over humility and how the hand of God is […]

June 2018


Of all the unlikely heroes of faith in scripture, Rahab may be the most unlikely. She was a prostitute and a resident of the land the Israelites were preparing to conquer. Her decision to help the spies that Joshua sent into the land changed her path in ways she could never have imagined. If God […]


Joshua first comes on the scene as a spy who shows faith and later follows Moses as God’s leader of Israel. Through it all his courage helps us see the power of God at work.  


As God’s people again did evil in His eyes, they struggled to see where He was and why bad things were happening to them. Through Gideon, God brings a great victory in a way that magnifies His power and shows His faithfulness.  

May 2018


We begin a new series on Sunday evenings this week dealing with Bible heroes. These people of faith were flawed, but God was able to do great things through them in spite of their flaws. The story of Samson is a great example of that. God grants a victory over the Philistines, but Samson is […]