April 2022


Although the religious and governmental leaders think they are controlling and manipulating the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus, they are actually part of God’s greater plan that will overcome death for Him and us.  

The King’s Cross

In the events of Matthew 26, we see a clear contrast of ways to interact with situations and one another. At every turn, Jesus is the example of seeing our world in the right way.  

Ready to Serve

In Matthew 24 and 25, Jesus encourages His followers to be ready, watchful and active. This week we look at the climax of this teaching at the end of Matthew 25. The ready, watchful and active Christian is one who serves. By serving those in need, we serve Jesus.  

March 2022

The End Is Near

Matthew 24 is a complex chapter where Jesus talks about the destruction of Jerusalem, His return and the final judgment. In all three cases, there is one common lesson: be ready.  


In Matthew 23, Jesus give one of His most direct, convicting messages in the form of seven woes to the scribes and Pharisees. It is easy to see from His words, that their biggest problem is the focus on appearances. Because they are so concerned about the outward, they often miss the spirit that underlies […]


This week we look at three stories in Matthew 21 and 22 that remind us that God designs with a purpose in mind. How are we living out our purpose?  

February 2022


In Matthew 18 and 19, there are several stories related to our relationships and how we handle being wronged by others. Jesus teaches that the main purpose of forgiveness in those situations is the reconciliation of relationships.  


The Pharisees knew scripture and the oral traditions that accompanied it. They wanted to make sure the details were right. Somewhere in their focus on detail and tradition, they lost sight of the word of God and the Spirit behind it. God’s desire is not simply rule keeping, but transformed hearts.  


In Matthew 12, the way the Pharisees focus on the letter of the law causes them to miss the purpose behind it. God wants them and us to move past following rules to changing our hearts.  

Go Tell John

While in prison, John begins to question what he knows about Jesus. When our circumstance do not go the way we plan, we often do the same thing. Jesus responds by remind John that God is in control, and His plan is still intact. The same things are true for us today.