January 2021


Many of the people who encountered Jesus in Mark 3 had their minds made up about Him beforehand. Those who met Him with a willingness to learn had their lives changed. What are you looking for when you encounter Jesus?  

Not What They Expected

Throughout Mark 2 the people who encountered Jesus saw him do unexpected things for unexpected people at unexpected times. This was a challenge for them. Sometimes we can still be challenged when God does not take the action we expect. We should learn to trust Him because He understands what we need.  

As One With Authority

Encountering Jesus is life changing. In Mark 1, Jesus heals, frees people from demons, makes them spiritually clean and changes their paths in life. He still changes lives. Will you let Him change yours?  

December 2020

Straight Paths

This week we begin a new series on the Gospel of Mark. Unlike the other gospels, Mark jumps right into the story of Jesus. Mark has an urgency about telling the story. We should have that same urgency to tell His story today.