August 2021

A Prescription

James closes his letter with a prescription for what ails us. Whether our suffering is from a medical problem, a sin problem or being too far away from God, the solution begins with prayer and community.  

Waiting Patiently

Many people like the book of James because of its practical ideas. In the middle of chapter 5, James brings many of those ideas together to show how we can live and grow in our walk with Jesus.    


In the 4th and 5th chapters, James challenges his readers about where they place their trust. Their struggle is familiar to us today. Do we put our trust in our position, plans and resources, or do we put our trust in God?  

Planning Ahead

Often the plans we make do not turn out the way we expect. Do we include God in our plans? “God willing” should be more than just words in a prayer. It should be the way we approach all of our plans.  

What Really Matters

After talking about wisdom, James explains to us a practical tool to act wisely: humility. Having the right perspective about God, others and ourselves will help us have the right perspective about life.  

July 2021

Rare Wisdom

In the second half of chapter 3, James talks about two kinds of wisdom. One is from God. One is not. Either will both shown in the actions of people. True wisdom looks quite a bit like love.  

Sticks and Stones

Contrary to what many of us heard when we were kids, words do have the potential to hurt. If we use them in a loving way, they also have the potential to encourage. As Christians we must be intentional about when and how we choose to speak.  

Working Faith

If we are people who truly believe, then our belief should lead to action. “We are not saved by faith PLUS works. We are saved by faith WHICH works.” – Jimmy Allen    

Playing Favorites

The Christians that James wrote too had a similar problem that people have today: treating people differently based on the category they fall into. In this case, it was rich and poor. God desires that we treat every person we encounter with the love that He has for them.  

June 2021

Practice What You Preach

One of the greatest challenges in the Christian life is the gap between knowing and doing. As we strive to bridge that gap, we do not just want to do the right thing. We want doing the right thing to become second nature for us and for others to see Jesus because of that.