December 2018

God’s Servant

Our Exodus series concludes with a story from Numbers 20 where Moses finally has enough of the complaining and loses focus. He will live with the consequences of his actions, but God never leaves his servant.  

God’s Dwelling

Beginning in Exodus 25, God gives instructions on how to build and furnish his dwelling, the Tabernacle. Each element symbolizes something about God and His relationship with his people. And each element foreshadows what His Son will do in the New Testament.  

God’s Patience

As the Israelites leave Sinai, we find them in the midst of one of their regular habits: complaining. It’s easy for us to focus on the negative and be overcome by it. Throughout the story, we see God’s patience with His people and reminders of His faithfulness.  

November 2018

Approaching God

God’s communication with Moses did not end with the ten commandments. He gave many guidelines about worship, personal interaction and responsibility. Meanwhile the Israelites were breaking the commandments they were about to receive.  

God’s Guardrails

Guardrails serve to keep us on the right path and help us avoid danger. In Exodus 20, God provides the ten commandments as guardrails to help His people understand how to relate to Him and to each other.  

What God Has Done

Sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to help us see things that should be obvious. Jethro, Moses’ father-in-law, provides that perspective this week in Exodus 18. He clarifies that Moses is trying to do too much, and the central character in this story is God.      

October 2018

God Cares

God’s concern for the Israelites continues after choosing Moses, showing His power in the plagues, freeing them from slavery and guiding them from danger through the Red Sea. He continues to care for their needs along their journey. God cares for each of us, even when we don’t see Him clearly.  

God With Us

Our Exodus series resumes this week as the Israelites are freed and heading toward the Red Sea. Throughout the journey, God cares for them and reminds them of His presence.  

September 2018


Equipped with a mission, a plan and signs for proof, Moses and Aaron went before Pharaoh with a bold request. Pharaoh quickly denied them and took steps to discourage Israel and those who spoke on God’s behalf. What follows is a display of God’s power over all and His faithfulness to His people.    

God Speaks

In the middle of a normal day, God speaks, tells His plan of deliverance and chooses Moses to lead the effort. Moses recognizes that this work needs to be done, but he wants someone else to do it. Moses sounds a lot like us, doesn’t he? God reassures Moses (and us) that we can join […]