April 2019

Humble Yourselves

When we are insulted or offended because of our Christian walk, we can still consider it a blessing and an opportunity. When we humble ourselves and put the gospel and those who need to hear it above our own interests, the world around us can see God more clearly.  

March 2019

The Time That Has Passed

As we continue to mature in our walk with Christ, the things we learn should change our attitudes and actions. In 1 Peter 4, followers of Jesus are encouraged to leave their sin in the past and live their new lives by His example.  

Suffering For Good

As much as we do not like to experience it, suffering is a part of life. in 1 Peter 3 we are reminded that suffering can result in good things and that Jesus is a great example of that truth. As we tell that story we also know that after His suffering, He won the […]

Do Good

In 1 Peter 2, Christians are encouraged to live good lives among people with different standards. Peter shows us how to put that idea to practice as he begins the third chapter. Doing good begins with us, and it begins at home.  

February 2019

Your Will Be Done

In 1 Peter 2, Peter describes how part the will of God relates to how we interact with each other. Although we often think about God’s will for us, we glorify Him by honoring others.  


What does it mean to be God’s chosen people? It is not as much about predestination as it is about God’s desire to have a relationship with those who follow Him. Although the benefits of that relationship are good, there are also responsibilities for His people and their relationships with others.  

He Knows

We learn from scripture that God is all knowing. At times that may bring us comfort, and at times it may cause us to fear. In the end of this chapter we are assured that God’s knowledge is accompanied by a great love for His people. That should help us all remember that we are […]