You can stream or download audio from recent lessons below. We pray that you will be blessed as we look into God’s word and how we might apply it to our daily walk.


July 2018

A Friend in Need

As VBS is about to begin, we have an abbreviated lesson this week from Luke 11. God wants us to treat others well because He loves them. He sets the example by listening to our needs through prayer.

Get Ready

The parables in Matthew 25 warn that Jesus will return, and we need to be ready. What might surprise us is how Jesus encourages us to get ready. He spends most us the chapter telling His disciples about the importance of giving and serving others. We must make those things priorities in our lives as well.


In Matthew 13 we find parables about planting, sowing and growing. This week we look at the parables of growth and see what they tell us about small beginnings, the kingdom and our walk with God.

June 2018

Jesus and Zacchaeus

Casey LaValley from the Fittstown Church of Christ is with us this week to talk about Zacchaeus. We should all want to see Jesus as desperately as Zacchaeus did, and our lives should exhibit the same kind of transformation.


David Dirrim shares the story of Nehemiah and reminds us of the importance of working together in the church.

The Wise and Foolish Builders

Although it is familiar to many of us because of the old children’s bible class song, this parable teaches an important core teaching of Christianity. We must be careful where we place the foundation of the faith we are building. Jesus is that foundation.

Jesus and the Children

Our summer series continues with guest speaker, Dan Mayfield. Southwest supports his ministry with the church in Owatonna, Minnesota. Dan talks about how Jesus interacted with children and why that example is important to Christians today.


Of all the unlikely heroes of faith in scripture, Rahab may be the most unlikely. She was a prostitute and a resident of the land the Israelites were preparing to conquer. Her decision to help the spies that Joshua sent into the land changed her path in ways she could never have imagined. If God can use Rahab, He can surely use you!

The Lost Son

The son in this parable thinks he has life all figured out and know exactly what he needs to be happy. He soon discovers just how wrong he is and wants nothing more than to go home again. Regardless of the road we choose in life, our Father wants us to do the same. We know this as the Parable of the Lost Son, but it could also be titled the Parable of the Forgiving Father. Be encouraged by this lesson to come home.

Jesus and the Man at the Pool

Our summer series speaker this week is Floyd Kaiser, who retired in December after 16 years as the Pulpit Minister here at Southwest. Floyd shares his thoughts from the story of Jesus and the lame man by the pool in John 5. It’s there that Jesus asks a question we all need to consider, “Do you want to get well?”