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May 2020

The Greatest Story

Jesus was misunderstood, mistreated, beaten, tried, found to be without guilt, executed, buried and rose from the dead. It was the mission He took on about of obedience for the Father and love for us. It is the greatest story.

I Will Never Forget to Remember

In our nation, this is Memorial Day weekend. It is a time set aside to remember those who gave their lives for the U.S. We need times like this, so people will not forget. God understands this about His people as well. We will look this week at the emphasis on remembering in scripture.

I Am the Vine

In the last of the “I am” statements, Jesus also includes a “you are.” He is the vine, and we are the branches. Our connection to Him sustains life in Him. As we are disconnected physically because of social distancing, our connection to Him and each other might be even more important.

I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life

This “I am” statement of Jesus in John 14 is one of the most difficult for people in our world to hear. When Jesus says He is the Way, it is a claim of exclusivety. If we want to be with the Father, the only way is through Jesus. 

I Am the Light of the World

When Jesus says that He is the Light of the world, He is not just contrasting light and darkness. He is illustrating just how different He is from the religious leaders of HIs time and of any time. When we follow His light, we have different results than we get following anyone else.

April 2020

I Am the Good Shepherd

We may not know much about shepherds, but they are mentioned frequently in scripture. In Psalm 23, God is our Shepherd. Here in John 10, Jesus is a Shepherd. Isn’t it great to know that He cares so much for us, His sheep?

I Am the Door

In the third I Am statement of Jesus we look at together, Jesus refers to Himself as the Door or the Gate. In the context of the sheep pen, the door provides protection from danger and safe passage for the shepherd and sheep. As Jesus provides these things for us, we can truly have freedom.

I Am the Resurrection and the Life

As we worship from home due to COVID-19, this is one of the most unusual Easter Sundays we have ever experienced. Even in the midst of a crisis, we can have confidence in the resurrection of Jesus. Because of His resurrection, we can live eternally with Him.

I Am the Bread of Life

This week we begin a series about the seven “I Am” statements that Jesus makes in the Gospel of John. As we learn about who He is, we learn about the nature of God. As the Bread of Life, Jesus provides all that we need.

March 2020

That They May All Be One

Jesus spent the time before His arrest doing something He did frequently: praying. He prayed for Himself, for His disciples and for us. He prayed that we would have unity.