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January 2018

In His Steps

As people begin to start over outside the Garden of Eden, they are faced with more options. In Genesis 4 and 5 we see the consequences of bad choices, and we are reminded of the importance of walking with God.

There Is Water in the Plan

Jesus is baptized in Matthew 4 to “fulfill all righteousness” and to be an example for us. There’s nothing magical about the water, but is part of the process that brings us into a relationship with God. This week we will discuss the importance of baptism.

The Image of God

God concludes the sixth day of creation by creating man. This part of his creation was different from the rest, because he was mad in the Image of God. It did not take long for Adam and Eve to set that distinction aside in search of their own path.

A Savior Is Born

The world was forever changed when God sent His only Son in an unusual way to live among His creation. This week we look at the story of the birth of Jesus in Matthew 2.