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Sunday Mornings – Gospel of John


Sunday Evenings – Theology 101


April 2021

He Is Not Here

As Mark 15 closes, Jesus is in the tomb, and most of His followers are in hiding. It seems like the ultimate defeat. Everything changes in Mark 16 when the women find His tomb empty. His resurrection gives us hope.

March 2021


As Jesus prepares for the inevitability of the cross, we get insight into the depth of His emotions about the events to come and the fact that He will face it all alone.

The End Is Near

Mark 13 is one of the most difficult passages to interpret in the gospels. Some of what Jesus says is clearly about the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D., but many take it as signs of His second coming. In either interpretation there is an important lesson about the need to be prepared.


Family is a regular theme throughout scripture. All the way back to the book of Genesis, God’s story had been told through family. We will look at practical ways to improve our families and honor Him in that process.

Tales From God’s House

The stories in Mark 10 about Jesus coming into Jerusalem to the temple in Jerusalem might seem unrelated at first glance, but His encounter with the fig tree serves as an important warning for those seeking to follow God.

Leave It Behind

Even those who keep all of God’s commands might be hanging on to something they prioritize above Him. For the young man in Mark 10, it was his wealth. Whatever separates us from God must be left behind.

February 2021

All Things Are Possible

Jesus, Peter, James and John come down from the mountain to find a chaotic situation below. Often times in life, the absence of Jesus result in things spinning out of control. In times like those, we need to see what the people in Mark 9 did: Jesus has the power to do the impossible.

Turning Point

Peter’s confession in Mark 8 is the turning point in the gospel. The decision to follow Jesus and be baptized in His name can be the turning point in ours.

What Is Clean?

In Mark 7, a question about tradition gives Jesus the opportunity to teach about the need for clean and pure hearts.

Hard Times

Before sending His disciples out two by two, Jesus prepares them for the difficulties ahead. Each of us will face hard times, but God will equip us and guide us through them.