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August 2018

The Kingdom

In Matthew 13, there are several parables dealing with the kingdom of heaven. These parables build up to the three we look at this week that emphasize the value of the kingdom and the need to be a part of it. It’s for that reason that we share the message with others.

Jesus and the Boy With an Unclean Spirit

Layne Heitz from Durant is with us this week for our Encountering Jesus guest speaker series. Layne talks about the time Jesus healed a boy with an unclean spirit in Mark 9 and the example of faith we can learn from the encounter.

Epaphroditus – An Unstoppable Partner

As we prepare to begin a new school year, our youth minister, John Marble, shares this lesson about a character in scripture that may not be familiar to some. This story is a great example of how God can use average people to make an impact. 

The Tenants

In another parable dealing with a vineyard, we learn about how people struggle with authority. More importantly we see that God loves us so much that He keeps giving us opportunities to make our relationship right with Him.

Jesus in the Temple

Wendell Ingram from Wapanucka is with us this week. He talks about the story in Luke 2 where the 12 year old Jesus amazes the adults at the temple with His understanding of scripture. Like Jesus, we should always be growing.

The Return From Exile (Zerubbabel, Nehemiah & Ezra)

This week we have a 3-for-1 in our Heroes of Faith series. As the Israelites return from exile, they are led by Zerubbabel, Nehemiah and Ezra to rebuild the temple and wall and renew their covenant with God and His law.

The Wedding Feast

Jesus tells this parable in Luke 14 to a group of Pharisees and teachers of the law who assume they are more important than most others they encounter daily. It’s easy for us to fall into the trap of seeking honor for ourselves and climbing to a higher status. This parable reminds us that God honors the humble, not the self-seeking. 

Jesus and Nicodemus

Phillip Johnson from West Side Church of Christ in Norman is with us this week as we finish the second month of our summer series, Encountering Jesus. He talks about John 3, where Nicodemus comes to Jesus and learns about being born again.

July 2018


When we think of Daniel, we often think of boldness, courage and deliverance. Daniel’s character that is shown in Babylon is a good example for Christians today as we learn how to live in exile. “This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: “Build houses and settle

The Workers in the Vineyard

Often when we study this parable from Matthew 20, we focus on the discrepancy in pay for the workers who have put in different amounts of time working. Instead, this parable teaches about the generosity of our God and His love for His workers. God desires to give us so much more than we deserve.