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Sunday Mornings – Gospel of John


Sunday Evenings – Theology 101


September 2021


The Great Commission is a mission given to all followers of Jesus. It is up to Christians to go throughout the world and make disciples who make disciples.

A Healthy Church

Paul is thankful for the church at Philippi and encourages them to continue to be a healthy church. In the first half of Philippians 1, he explains how they can be healthy Christians who bear fruit.

August 2021

A Prescription

James closes his letter with a prescription for what ails us. Whether our suffering is from a medical problem, a sin problem or being too far away from God, the solution begins with prayer and community.

Changing Seasons

The summer of marriage is where all couples want to be. The relationship is comfortable and secure. When we are not in summer yet, we can work proactively to change our seasons.

Waiting Patiently

Many people like the book of James because of its practical ideas. In the middle of chapter 5, James brings many of those ideas together to show how we can live and grow in our walk with Jesus.

Fall to Winter

This month on Sunday evenings we will talk about marriage using the pattern of the the book, The Four Seasons of Marriage. Fall and Winter are difficult times in marriage that often begin with neglect and apathy. Good communication can help couples work back toward warmer seasons.


In the 4th and 5th chapters, James challenges his readers about where they place their trust. Their struggle is familiar to us today. Do we put our trust in our position, plans and resources, or do we put our trust in God?

Planning Ahead

Often the plans we make do not turn out the way we expect. Do we include God in our plans? “God willing” should be more than just words in a prayer. It should be the way we approach all of our plans.


This month on Sunday evenings we will talk about marriage using the pattern of the the book, The Four Seasons of Marriage. Spring is a time when things are new and exciting. That may seem like a distant memory in many marriages, but it is something that can be recaptured.

What Really Matters

After talking about wisdom, James explains to us a practical tool to act wisely: humility. Having the right perspective about God, others and ourselves will help us have the right perspective about life.