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December 2018


A new year often brings new changes. The Bible teaches us many things about God that remain constant and that we can be thankful for that consistency.

Family Vacation

There are not many stories in the Bible about the childhood years of Jesus. In Luke 2, Jesus goes to Jerusalem with His family. This story gives insight into the values that Joseph and Mary instill in the child God entrusted to them.

God’s Servant

Our Exodus series concludes with a story from Numbers 20 where Moses finally has enough of the complaining and loses focus. He will live with the consequences of his actions, but God never leaves his servant.

Good News of Great Joy

Jesus did not come to Earth in the way we would expect a king. He had a humble birth and was greeted by shepherds. But the fact that God’s Son was here to live among his people is truly “good news of great joy.”

God’s Dwelling

Beginning in Exodus 25, God gives instructions on how to build and furnish his dwelling, the Tabernacle. Each element symbolizes something about God and His relationship with his people. And each element foreshadows what His Son will do in the New Testament.

How Can This Be?

The Gospel of Luke begins with Zechariah and Mary receiving visits from an angel. Each of their lives was about to change forever as they became part of God’s plan to save those who will follow Him.

Statements From the Cross

Kyle Wilson, our Campus Minister at ECU, brought a report on the Tigers for Christ Campus Ministry and this lesson about Jesus on the cross. There were seven statements Jesus made from the cross. Most of these were about taking care of others just as He had throughout his ministry on earth. However,  the one in John 19:28 was more about the human side of our Savior.

Who Is Jesus?

What would you expect a king to be like? From the time Israel first wanted a king, they had something in mind. God sees past those things to the heart. The king that God has in mind is only found in Jesus. He does not fit any mold man has created.

God’s Patience

As the Israelites leave Sinai, we find them in the midst of one of their regular habits: complaining. It’s easy for us to focus on the negative and be overcome by it. Throughout the story, we see God’s patience with His people and reminders of His faithfulness.


Hope is so much more than wishing or waiting. True hope is found in Jesus.