You can stream or download audio from recent lessons below. We pray that you will be blessed as we look into God’s word and how we might apply it to our daily walk.


February 2020

Another Chance

The woman dragged before Jesus could not have felt more helpless and hopeless in her situation. But Jesus had something else in mind. He still offers hope to the hopeless.


We do not often talk about fasting. At its core, fasting is an opportunity to bring balance to our lives and declare that we are sustained by God. What do we need to go without to focus on Him?

Walking on Water

As they begin to cross the lake, the apostles are traveling without Jesus. When the storms arise, they encounter Him walking across the lake. The rest of the trip is smooth once they are traveling with Him. Where is Jesus in your journey?

Loaves and Fish

Until the week of His crucifixion, there is only one event in the life of Jesus that is recorded in all four gospels: the feeding of the five thousand. We can learn a lot about Jesus and what He prioritizes through the lessons of this story.


As we continue looking at how spiritual disciplines can help transform our lives, we talk about one of the most transformative disciplines: prayer. Scripture teaches us that prayer is powerful, because it better connects us with our powerful God. We can all learn how and why to pray.


In John 4 and 5, Jesus heals two people who come from very different places in society. We learn that His power is not bound by location or law, and His compassion extends to all kinds of people. Although the miracles themselves are amazing, the signs always point to Jesus.

January 2020

Bible Study

To understand God and how we should live for Him, Christians have to spend time studying His word. How we go about that study will have a great impact on the outcome. Our goal is not just to gather more information. Our goal is transformation.

Living Water

In John 3 and 4, Jesus spends time talking one on one with people at opposite ends of society. Nicodemus was a respected leader of the Jews. The Samaritan woman at the well was likely a social outcast. Both of them gained more than they could imagine from their time with Jesus. He came for all people.

Missions Report – Haiti

David Dirrim gives an update on our missions program with specific emphasis on the work with children and widows in Haiti.

Words of Life

We often remember Nicodemus because he came to visit Jesus at night. Instead consider what he brought when he visited Jesus: an open mind. Nicodemus knew that Jesus was from God, so he wanted to learn as much as he could about how to find life.