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Sunday Mornings – Gospel of John


Sunday Evenings – Theology 101


July 2022

The Spirit Who Dwells

God has always desired to dwell with His people. In the Old Testament, He used the garden, the tabernacle and the temple as a place to dwell with His people. In the New Testament, Jesus came to dwell in the flesh. Now His Spirit dwells within us.


We see in scripture that patience is a characteristic of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Patience should be evident in our lives as well.

The Fruit of the Spirit

If the Holy Spirit dwells within us, the fruit of that relationship should be seen by those around us. The way He shows in our lives grows as we do.


Do You Want to Go Away As Well?

June 2022


The way we work says a lot about our character. Work is important enough to God, that it is a major theme of more than thirty of the parables Jesus told. What can we learn about diligence from those parables?

The Work of the Spirit

What does the Holy Spirit do?
“This third Person is called, in technical language, the Holy Ghost or the ‘spirit’ of God. Do not be worried or surprised if you find it (or Him) rather vaguer or more shadowy in your mind than the other two. I think there is a reason why that must be so. In the Christian life you are not usually looking at Him. He is always acting through you. If you think of the Father as something ‘out there’, in front of you, and of t


Where do we seek security? How can we provide security? Where do we find security? How we answer these questions reveals much about us.

What Fathers Do

This Father’s Day, we look at what God does as a father, and how father’s are called to follow His example with their own children.


God, who is worthy of our respect, desires that we respect one another. People are worthy of respect, because they are made in His image.