The New Testament model of leadership in a congregation is by the oversight of qualified men.  These men are called “overseers” in Acts 20:28, “pastors” in Ephesians 4:11, or “elders” in 1 Peter 5:1. All of these indicate the role of a shepherd leading and caring for the flock. The qualifications for a man chosen for this role are found in 1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1 and the importance of having this structure in place can be seen in Acts 14:23 and Titus 1:5. We are blessed to have qualified men serving as shepherds of the Southwest congregation, and “keeping watch” over our souls (Hebrews 13:17).
Jeff Butler
Greg Hatton
David Hendricks
Richard Howard
Brent Lowe
Butch Platt


In the New Testament, there is a special role for carrying out the physical needs and duties within the church. This is the role of the “deacon” (or servant). These duties, while primarily service in nature, also carry leadership and example within the church and are to be held by qualified men.  These qualifications can be found in 1 Tim. 3:8-13. Deacons are men placed in charge of temporal matters to ensure faithful execution for the building up and functioning of the church. An example can be seen in Acts 6:1-7.

James Bryant
Mark Clark
Dusty Dennis
Ried Duncan
Caleb Estes
Casey Farrar
Cody Frye
Jared Griffin
Garett Hatton
Jared Hudson
Tyler Jones
Todd Martin
Hunter Nickell
Mark Tinsley
Brad Trekell
Tommy Vass
Kyle Wilson
Bill Young


Our Ministers serve under the leadership and vision of our elders to teach, build up, strengthen and equip the congregation.

David Dirrim
Education, Involvement & Missions Minister
Brian Lewis
Preaching Minister
Thorin Turner
Youth & Family Minister
Kyle Wilson
College Minister