Hang On

Each week our announcements and prayer list are filled with people who are facing difficulties in life. We are surrounded by loss, illness and other challenges. I hope you will be encouraged by this article from Scott Franks, Preaching Minister at the Burnt Hickory Church of Christ. It is a great reminder to trust in God and His love for us. – Brian
Has God asked something of you that seems unfair? Overwhelming? Impossible? You’re not the first to think so. I imagine Noah felt the same. Imagine processing this message from God: • I’m going to wipe all life off the face of the earth. • You are a farmer, but spend the next hundred years building a massive ship while enduring the questions and ridicule of your neighbors. • Two of every kind of bird and livestock and wild animal will miraculously show up here and you will have to keep them alive. • Everything will start over with you.

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