Facing Your Lions

As we celebrate Father’s Day, I want to share a letter with you that was written by Wes McAdams, Preaching Minister for the church of Christ on McDermott Road in Plano, Texas, to his sons when they were younger. These Biblical truths are timeless lessons for Christian men. – Brian
Dear Boys,
I would like to tell you a story about a young shepherd named David. One day David was out quietly watching over his father’s sheep. Suddenly he heard a rustling in the grass—a ferocious lion appeared. With lightening fast speed, the lion snatched up a lamb and held him firmly in his jaws of death. The lion, with the struggling lamb in his mouth, retreated from the pasture to enjoy his prey. David wasted no time; in a moment he caught up to the lion. Without hesitation he attacked the hungry cat, caught him by his beard, and killed him (1 Samuel 18:34-36).
I think it is important that you know this story for several reasons… (Click here to continue reading at RadicallyChristian.com)

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