May 2019


At the end of Acts 2 we find one of the best descriptions of what the church was like in the New Testament. In a word, they were devoted. If we devoted ourselves to the things they were devoted to, our world will see Jesus in us.  

Women In Acts

Women play a significant role as followers of Jesus throughout the book of Acts.  This Mother’s Day we talk about Tabitha, Mary (mother of John Mark), Rhoda and Priscilla; and we learn how having some of their characteristics can help us in our walk with God.  

Cut to the Heart

In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit empowers the apostles to communicate people from all over the world who have come to Jerusalem. When the crowd hears the story of Jesus they are cut to the heart, and their lives are forever changed.  

April 2019

A New Mission

This week we begin a new series about the book of Acts. In chapter 1, the Apostles are given a new mission: to be witnesses of Jesus. It is a mission that we continue today. Each of us should be ready to tell His story.